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Do you want to take a step towards becoming more eco-friendly? Say hello to Downing Students’ swap shops. Being eco-friendly at student swap shops doesn’t mean compromising on fashion. In fact, it could mean finding affordable one-of-a-kind pieces that you can feel good about wearing. Keep reading to discover how to begin your swap shop journey at a Downing Students’ accommodation near you!

Why Are Swap Shops A Good Idea?

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your clothes, we get it… and let’s face it, many of us are guilty of buying into the latest fast fashion trends. However, away from Instagram, reality isn’t all that pretty on our carbon footprint. We may be sold by those ‘affordable’ outfits we wear just a handful of times, moving onto the next… but this causes insane amounts of textile waste, around £140 million each year to be exact.


What Are The Advantages Of Swap Shops?

Swapping extends the life cycle of clothes and even better, saves money too! Everybody wants a changing wardrobe (minus the cost) and swap shops help achieve this… along with the chance to try out various trends too. The best part is, you don’t spend a penny… and you’re even doing your bit to become more eco-friendly!

How Do Our Swap Shops Work?

It’s simple. All you need to do is bring some unwanted clothes to our swap shops for something that you see and love. No cash will be exchanged, or value added to items. Simply swapping items for others. Read our four steps below for more on how our swap shops work.

downing students swap shop step 1

Bring Along Your Unwanted Clothes!

Gather your previously loved items and drop them off at reception ahead of your nearest student swap shop.

Items will still be accepted a few days before the swap shop, but make sure you leave enough time to collect your tokens before the clothes exchange begins!

downing students swap shop step 2

Swap them at The Shop Shop!

Once you have dropped your previous loved items at reception, get ready to refresh your wardrobe!

downing students swap shop step three

What if I don’t find something I like?

Don’t worry, for every item of clothing you bring along, you will receive a token (10 items max) and if nothing takes your fancy, you can use your tokens at the next swap shop.

downing students swap shop step four

Keep your tokens safe!

We will be hosting regular swap shops so you can always keep tokens for the next event. Any items left behind at the end of swap shops will be saved for the next clothes swap safely at reception.

Downing Students Swap Shop

Where Are Our Swap Shops Located?

Our student swap shop events will be launching in the following locations:

Is there not a Downing Students’ Swap Shop in my uni city?

Hang tight… our clothes swap events will soon be available across all Downing Students’ locations.  Watch this sustainable space!


What Clothing Should You Bring To Our Swap Shops?

Think of sustainable fashion that you would like to go home with. Clothes in good condition, well-kept with plenty of life left in them… dig deep in your wardrobe and think ‘what do I wear?’ then take it from there!


What Should You Leave At Home?

Items that show signs of wear and tear and stains. Basically, items you don’t want to be going home with from the swap shop! For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept the following items: underwear, swimwear, jewellery for piercings and generally unclean items.


Our Top 5 Tips To A Great Clothes Swap

Come Early– arrive at swap shops on time…those previously loved items won’t be around long!

Dress for Success– on the day of the swap shop, wear a simple outfit you can style with new, pre-loved pieces to ensure you will be certain on your new sustainable fashion items

Plan Ahead– de-clutter your wardrobe of unwanted clothes, filtering items that are still in good condition

Outfit Goals– head to swap shops with a clear goal of the types of clothing you find missing from your wardrobe

Quality over Quantity– swapping and shopping are very similar, but don’t swap on impulse, be mindful of clothing items that will be useful to your wardrobe…

Swap Shops t’s & c’s can be found here.

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