The Benefits of Sharing a Flat in University

By on July 22nd, 2022


We’re all in the same boat: whether you’re sharing to save money or because you can’t afford a one bedroom, living with flatmates is a great way of making friends and saving money. In this blog you’ll discover the benefits of sharing a flat at uni!

Create A Social Network And Build Friendships

Uni is about to begin, and you’re asking yourself, is flat sharing a good idea? Absolutely, especially if you are studying abroad. Renting a room away from home can always be daunting, so having company around you makes it easier to settle in. You may even find that there are a few of you moving to a new city and this way, you can get to know the local area together… all while making lifelong memories! If you are a returning student living in private accommodation, you may find you become a lot closer to the friends you made in first year by deciding to share a home together.

You’ll Save Save Save!

The benefits of living in a flat means you get to save money on rent, making student life more affordable and more importantly, more enjoyable. If you find that you and your flatmates enjoy similar tastes in food and drinks, you could even agree to split the cost on a weekly shop.

That daily struggle of choosing what to have at mealtimes can also be made easier by cooking together, especially in our stylish private dining area over in Vega, London.

Share The Cleaning

Sharing is caring, right?! When you live with other people it means that it is not just on you to clean up communal areas, everybody gets their fair share of responsibilities too. That weekly clean up shared with flatmates can be done in half of the time, and also be a much-needed break away from studying.

Fun And Enjoyment

Let’s face it, having fun at Uni is what it’s all about. Laughing together, late-night chatting, pre drinks together before nights out. Take living at City Village in Coventry for example, a city offering live music scenes with the likes of upcoming Glastonbury headliner Jamie T and Yung Blud performing at nearby Coventry Empire. Flatsharing with your friends means the good times don’t end at the taxi rank, the conversation continues at home and you can create meaningful memories.

Emotional Skills

We all need somebody to talk to now and again, and we know living away from home isn’t easy. This is why it is great choosing shared accommodation. The consistent company provides you with friendship and emotional support too.

New Workout Buddy

Running up that hill (if you know, you know) isn’t half as bad when you are living in shared accommodation. You and your neighbours can encourage each other to keep fit, be it by taking up that offer of discounted gym memberships, or even just a scenic walk in the park to take a break.

Catch A Lift With Your Flatmate

When sharing a flat, there will always be at least one housemate who can drive. If you are close enough as flatmates to do so, it is always good to share lifts for shop runs, running late to a lecture, impromptu adventures, you name it!

Study Benefits With Coursework

You’ve finished your coursework, and you’re fed up with looking at it. Living with other people is great for a fresh pair of eyes to check that there are no typos or errors (we’ve all been there). You may even find you can bounce ideas off each other!

Learn To Share Yet Balance With Independence

Shared student accommodation for many is a little out of our comfort zones. Flatmates may come from different cultural backgrounds or even have different values, but at the end of the day, you all share the same experience, together. Shared accommodation is the perfect way to learn about other cultures, and expand your horizons but still keep your independence with your own personal space.

You’ll Gain Transferable Skills

Some of the most valuable life lessons will come during your time at uni, and not just educational skills. Renting a room for what could be the first time helps you manage to budget your money, along with living with other people who could turn into lifelong companions.

Now you are aware of the many benefits of sharing a flat, it’s time to start choosing your accommodation. With clearing just around the corner, availability is limited when it comes to finding accommodation.

At Downing Students, we want you to feel well prepared and enjoy your whole student experience, and choosing the right home away from home makes all the difference. We’re here to help you find your perfect student accommodation, choose yours today with us and read more to decide if a shared appointment or a studio apartment is better for you.

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