5 student wellbeing tips for 2024

By on January 12th, 2024


January doesn’t need to leave us feeling blue. Follow our guide to feel good during 2024 with our top 5 student wellbeing tips.

Here are our top 5 student wellbeing tips for 2024

Take Time

Your health is your wealth, and it is important to look after yourself.  Take small steps doing things that you are comfortable with. You don’t have to say yes to every social event. Have a chat with flatmates rather than locking yourself away in your room.

Manage your goals

Rather than setting New Year’s resolutions, a good idea is to start off with small goals. This way you can achieve big wins by taking small steps. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Budgeting- manage your spending better by giving yourself a weekly or monthly allowance. Take a look at Verde, Newcastle resident Natasha’s study hacks to get you started.
  • Healthy eating- follow our Meal In A Reel highlights for quick, easy budget friendly meals.

Plan weekly routines

Stay motivated by having a regular routine, balancing your health and studies.

  • Prioritise sleep- good quality sleep is the best thing for your wellbeing and productivity, so aim for a good sleep routine. You wouldn’t leave your phone on 4% so don’t burn yourself out trying to do too much!
  • Stay active- whether that is a daily walk or making the most out of your resident gym
  • Designated study days- working around your uni schedule, have set study days. For a change of scene you can even arrange a study session with course mates in your resident study spaces

Enjoy some you time

Schedule some free time to do things you enjoy. Even if that is listening to a new podcast, enjoying a hot drink or even things such as:

  • Journaling- a great way to track progress and goals! Journaling is also good for brain dumping, which even helps improve sleep and reduces anxiety.
  • Engage Your Mind- take time away from endless scrolling on social media and engaging in activities like reading or puzzle games


Try something new

Resident events- provide the opportunity to experience so many new things. For example, Downing Students’ celebrate a diverse range of cultures. Diwali, Lunar New Year and more.


New hobbies- new year! If there is something you have been dying to give a go like crafting, now is the time!


Veganuary–  if you are on a health kick and want to try something new, Veganuary has a number of health benefits, read more here.


Best wellbeing resources

Here are some of our favourite resources to help your wellbeing this year.

Happify-an app filled with games to help overcome CBT, negative thoughts and stress

Student Minds- provides a range of resources to help with your wellbeing during university

Headspace-the ideal app for mindfulness and meditating

Calm-another great app to help with sleep and meditation

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