Student Money Hacks: Top Tips For Saving Money As A Student

By on January 6th, 2023


Tips For Saving Money

There are lots of ways to help you save money for the year ahead, especially if you are waiting for the next student loan instalment. If you are looking for some money tips to help you start as you mean to go on this year, finance student and Downing Students’ Verde resident Natasha has you covered with some top tips for saving money that have helped her along the way.

Savings Goals

Budget and Track Spending Money

  • Set yourself a spending limit that includes your fixed outgoings and disposable spending for things such as spending online and other outgoings.
  • Make sure you track expenses using excel sheets and budgeting apps such as: monefy

Include Savings In Your Budget

Have at least one no spend day- it may be difficult, but long term you can become more mindful of how and what you spend money on.

Use Your Overdraft Wisely

Always opt for 0% or low interest rate bank account when it comes to overdrafts, and avoid going over your overdraft limit, which can lead to charges and affect your credit score long term. Consider comparison sites such as ‘Money Saving Expert’ to identify the best savings accounts too.

Reduce Your Spending at a Supermarket


  • Plan a shopping list so you know what you are buying ahead of spending money
  • Shop at your local markets for cheaper and high-quality produce


Cook when you can

This is certainly a cheaper alternative to takeaways.

Take a look at some of our delicious meal in a reel series for some tasty meal inspiration, perfect for when you are meal planning ahead. Share what you make with us and tag us on social when you have made your favourite dishes @downing_students

You can also read more on how to eat healthy on a budget with more of our top tips on how right here.

Shopping: Take advantage of your student discount!


Student Discounts are available everywhere. Make sure you take full advantage of your student card, which entitles you to discounts on everything from food, drink, university essentials and more.

Discount Apps you can use

  • Totum
  • Student Beans
  • Voucher Codes


Enjoy free activities

There is nothing better than free fun, right? Our Downing Students’ residents are always sharing free and fun days out to enjoy in your university cities.


Student Travel

Take full advantage of all travel cards and discounts available for when you are commuting in and around your university city.


Alternatives to buying university books


  • Rather than buying books, take out long loans from the library
  • Buy books from 2nd and 3rd year students

Finally, 3 accounts to follow

@breakingthedebtcycle – a must follow for tracking advice, no spend challenges and more!

@budgetjones – for the tips on budgeting and savings goals

@ndainternet – money hack saving goals!


Choosing you accommodation

One last tip, if you live with Downing Students and you want to book again, take advantage of our refer a friend and group booking discounts. Also, if you are researching accommodation providers choose one that includes lots of added benefits in their pricing. For example, with Downing Students all bills are included in your rent charge and you also have access to added facilities such as gyms and cinema rooms. Meaning you don’t have to splurge on a gym membership.

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